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So Was the Savior Just Nuts?

by Robert Conner   It’s clearly impolitic, to say nothing of impolite and impertinent, to ask if Jesus of Nazareth was as barking mad as, say, Pat Robertson, the Baptist Nosferatu, or Jim Bakker...

monk with a demon behind him

The Origins of Totalitarianism and Thought-Control

Most individuals are aware of the terms “Orwellian,” “Political Correctness,” “Thought Police,” or “Brave New World,” as well as the oppressive secular and religious systems throughout history that inspired them. Although assumed that these individuality-killing...

Roman centurion bullying Brian in the movie Life of Brian

Is Gnosticism an Anti-Semitic Religion?

According to the Gospel of Philip, ignorance is the greatest of sins, the “Mother of all evil.” When looking at the eroding psyche and spine of western civilization in the 21st century, it’s hard...

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