So Was the Savior Just Nuts?

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4 Responses

  1. Robert Wahler says:

    Lol. Too funny, Miguel. “One may feel like castrating someone after watching TV evangelicals.” How can we not support you?

  2. Archaeopteryx-99 says:

    Of course Jesus was off his rocker — as is any worthwhile person. Those who are not ‘off their rockers’ are the abject slaves of the Démiurge and his imitators among the great pompous assoles of this world.

  3. Johnnie says:

    My dear old dad turned a 100 last year and yet being a true believer still manages to drag his old bones up the steeps to our local catholic church, these days we no believers take turns to occompany him, dad was converted after his marriage when a clever priest after hearing dads childhood account of a lady in blue floating above the ground prior to a near death experience. At that moment he became a devotee of mary the mother of jesus. As I sat with dad last sunday and watched him stagger blindly back to his seat after communion I had to finally admit that they have something I lack. Indeed I compare myself with the man who told paul honestly that he is simply raving! Too much learning (ta polla…grammata) is driving you out of your mind!” The implication, for myself that that my obsession with religious criticism is driving me mad and blocking the free flow of spirit. It seemed in that moment that as the joyful song of praise within the congregation transcended any idea one might hold about god jesus or savior, that it actually does not matter if its all myth or aspiration, ror in its own way it is beautiful and joyful, in the purity of that AA sense its all about surrender, my dads bhakti worship is a sort of genius actually, where mary is just his version of his higher self. Any version of that self which comforts or heals which encourages or inspires real love, real empathy, real compassion toward others has to be admired no matter what fantasy inspired it.

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