Recommended Gnostic Books for the 21st Century Heretic

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  1. Archonskewer says:

    I like the new site. How about including John Lamb Lash’s ‘Not in His Image.’ I was burdened with Christianised Gnosis until I read this book.

  2. Jack Passmore says:

    I finally took your and Petra Mundik’s admonition to heart, and “read” (there’s an incredibly well directed & read 13 hour audio book) McCarthy’s Blood Meridian… retelling of Moby Dick… minus the “happy ending”… maybe?

  3. Paul says:

    I’d also like to recommend Eden: Its a wonderful life. It’s a Japanese manga with beautiful art and full of gnostic themes, including a hacker named Sophia!
    A great read, and the afterwords by the author are interesting as well.

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