Quiz: Are You A Gnostic Knower?

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15 Responses

  1. DARREN says:

    Enjoyed the quiz. …showed me how much I need to learn about gnosticism

  2. ian burns says:

    Hope Ellie is well…I made some foolish errors on your damn quiz but an=m a pneumatic lol

  3. Chris says:

    9/14. Should have been more like 11/14, but I second guessed my first impressions on a couple of them, and I’ve always heard “first guess, best guess.”. Regardless, it illustrated how much I have actually learned in my research. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back. 😉

    Thanks Miguel! Was entertaining. I’m looking forward to the harder questions. I guess I should go do some more homework now…


  4. Mark says:

    Well that was fun 🙂 9 out of 14 for me. Must try harder.

  5. Kevin. says:

    Hi Miguel,
    great light-hearted, fun quiz. Thank you for the distraction.
    All who visit your site have that certain ‘itch’ but don’t quite know where to ‘scratch it’ ? Do not take this ‘life’ seriously.
    So please be aware, that intellectual knowledge is not Gnosis ; just a form of fashion accessory. Gnosis can not be taught ; only experienced. Know Yourself.
    Intel.Know. only increases the burden one has to shed to lighten the load towards enlightenment. Taoist ?
    Hahahaaaa., again thanks for the quiz ; now where did I leave the magic 8 ball ?

  6. Raúl says:

    10 out 14. I’m very disappointed with myself.

    Excellent content, sir. I hope things are going better for you. Keep up the good work despite adversity.

  7. gary wiseman says:

    late to the game. 9/14 – I guess I have more reading to do (Yippee! I good excuse!)

  8. Lúthien says:

    Barbera Streisand 🙂 LOL

  9. Johnnie says:

    Ten disappointed with that brilliant idea though

  10. Stephen Kelley says:

    12/14 and should have been 13 but I was dumb and mis-clicked one! great idea for a feature!!

  11. L.ee A.nn M. Batross says:

    I always wander if people who are searching for the truth so passionately are reincarnated players or are new roles being created for those who’ve been pushed by so much pain they’re desperate to find answers that make sense of it all.

    The average seeker will find that most forums of art will suffice to validate the shared existence of this dimension, at least enough to forget long enough to continue on for awhile until the next tragic realization comes.

    Any answers?

  12. Lúthien says:

    Barbara Streisand LOL

  13. GnosticMike says:

    10/14. I’m on the verge of Gnosis. I second guessed two of them and I knew after I clicked on it. Ha! Here’s to knowing thyself!

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