Philip K. Dick’s Own Definition of Gnosticism

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  1. Chris Henley says:


    Great article!

    And screw the archons. Curse or no, I don’t back down from filth. They will learn the folly of their game soon enough.



  2. Johnnie says:

    A few days ago I downloaded philip K dicks Vailis and marvelled by how long it had taken to comprehend what aeon has been saying drawing inspiration from for so many years. This Exegesis or principles of awakening is staggering in its possibilities. In the buddhist and hindu spiritual traditions and especially vedic astrology every possible detail of our imprisonment in this maya or self delusionary prison are discribed, but alas all the sacred books and spiritual practices never really give one a sense of hope let alone a real escape plan…..the Exegesis is a call to arms, a truely alchemical solution to this self made collectively resolved problem.

  3. Kevin. says:

    Quote : ” All they had to do was : Wake Up ! ”
    Question : “How shall we wake up, O Lord ? ”
    Try, try and try again, to finding a way that works for you.
    Try contemplating your inner reality and realize the absurdity of your present situation.
    Keep asking : where am I really, who am I really, what am I really. Keep subtracting until the material and the all ceases to exist.
    Neti Neti
    Quote : ” … to court disaster.”
    The Gnostic disaster is that you will no longer desire anything that this realm has to offer.
    The Gnostic blessing is that your spirit guide will contact You. A blessing and a taste of the peace of Gnosis ; No Existence.
    Quote : ” Sometimes Gnosis chooses you. ”
    A whiff of Gnosis can twitch the nostrils at anytime ; at a time of plenty or at a time of dearth, when working or when resting. When it happens relax, do not be frightened go with the flow.
    PKD’s top ten.
    1. Yes. 2. True. 3. ummmh. 4. Origin in the stars ; not for me thanks but multiple overlaid dimensions yes.
    5. Yes, we are a spirit torn into two pieces, male and female ; brok-k-kken when trying to escape from the body soul and part of our androgynous self remained stuck and hypnotized by earthly hell.
    6. Your other watching and wating part of Spirit is your saviour.
    7. ummh. 8. uummh. 9. uuummhhh.
    10. Judged ! Why ?

  4. Kevin. says:

    Two more questions to add to my wake up call suggestions. Keep asking within yourself.
    Why is anything here, even nothingness, if that makes sense ?
    Who is inside of me listening to my thoughts ? The body hears worldly sounds, the mind hears the body speak. What hears the the mind’s thoughts ? The Observing ‘I’ spoken of by Gurdjieff and company ? The real You that’s who.
    When we ‘Wake Up’, and change our centre of perception to the observing I, are we still in limbo of the red sea, not yet reaching the unknowable shores of our true home ?
    Now to read Miguel’s next posting. Thanks for all you do Miguel, keeping me and others focused and having this open forum/comments section.

  5. Andrew says:

    Great read. The demiurge and his abomination can get stuffed. No fear.. Find the path and reunite with godhead. I suggest all warriors of the godhead renounce all deals of karma made in previous lives, dimensions, timelines etc. Ask at night for liberation of your spirit(godspark) and bring the fight to the demiurge. We need to be here for others awakening, to guide them to the true promised land.

  6. mame says:

    Holy Shit…We are not in Kansas anymore,

  7. MJD says:

    And then I find this. Oh the synchronicities. Click, click, It’s all coming together. Thank you.

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