Obnoxious Gnostics: The Apocalypse of Peter

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3 Responses

  1. Tim C says:

    “If this is not a garbling of Hermes, suggesting the Hermetica, then it probably refers to the Shepherd of Hermas, a second century collection of visions, parables and allegories that was well-respected by orthodox Christians of the second century and was an unsuccessful candidate for inclusion in the canon.”
    I think it’s referring to the Shepherd of Hermas – that was in Irenaeus’ canon, and might implicitly call out Marcion in its 11th mandate.

    I love that the Gnostics fought back!

  2. Johnnie says:

    Further proof that we are and ever shall be as mad as hell with no solution in sight, the good news though is that its but a a blink ago when we mad apes were swinging through trees……evolution is obviously a tricky business wherein the soul will require an eternity or two to connect with the divine spark of our beloved sophia…….good luck with that

  3. Leon says:

    How can I make sure that apostle Peter is not the author of this apocalypse?

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