No, the Crazies Aren’t Coming Out from Under Rocks

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  1. Michael says:

    Yes indeed . The military industrial complex is alive and well. Driven by doomsday end timers.

  2. Kevin. says:

    I am someone who disagrees with just about Every point made in the above article. For me, it read like a tongue in cheek, tragic comedy, rambling on like a badly researched television script pretending to have the causal knowledge of homo sapiens’ imminent demise.

    In this time of virtually unlimited and readily available information, a few of us plebs, actually take the time to investigate the validity of such claims as those made in the above article. Using our cabbage brains, we question, experience and evaluate. We do not blindly accept dogma.
    I question, ‘the normal’, to entertain myself in this tedious and absurd existence of spirit caught up in matter.
    Robert, is your article meant to be serious or satirical ?

    This being a Gnostic web site, and for myself, all I can say is : Burn, burn, burn …… bring on Ragnarok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ” And on the pedestal, these words appear :
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings
    Look on my Works ye Mighty and despair

    Nothing beside remains.
    Round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare.
    The lone and level sands stretch far away. ”

    As a Gnostic : What do I care for Your world ? hahaaa …..

  3. Robert Conner says:

    So which parts specifically do you dispute, Kevin? The population part? The evolution part? Anthropogenic climate change? Nuclear proliferation? Religious extremists using terror tactics? Feel free to share the details your cabbage is whispering to you.

    • Kevin. says:

      Hello Robert,
      welcome to Gnosticism.
      You ask which parts do I dispute ? as I wrote, just about all of them.
      You seem to be hung up with the physical world and various societies. Are you living in a state of constant fear at every news announcement ?
      Do you think you are your body ? A bunch of chemicals so arranged that consciousness came about ; a freak of nature ? Evolution
      Would you consider your article of any importance if you were upon your death bed ? Just what is there Really Important to know ?

      If voting changed anything then you would not be allowed to vote ; so, which puppet do you want ? The one on the left or the one on the right …… meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss ; they’re are just puppets on strings. The illusion of choice ; delusion really.

      Random suggested searches you may wish to follow up and consider, by no means comprehensive. A mix of information, some parts acceptable, some not.
      Population and evolution : google Lloyd Pye – Everything you know is wrong video ; a mix of information.
      May be listen to a talk by Kent Hovind about his take on evolution ?

      Man made climate change. A way has now been found to : ‘Tax the Air that You Breathe’. No longer a joke kiddies !
      What ever happened to Acid Rain ? oooops .. carbon dioxide is water soluble, 1.45g/l at 25 centigrade 100 kPa pressure and rain is the earth’s natural atmosphere scrubber and we live on water world and plants use CO2 and grow better with raised levels as does sea plankton. Write a computer programme to verify Our Point of View Only. If you disagree you’re fired, there’s the unemployment line.
      Weather cycles are not climate change ; climate covers huge time spans. Cars have Climate Control ; intelligent air con ! Yes, a con

      Nuclear bombs do not exist, yes you can relax now ; e.g. ….. ‘’ ….. plus ‘nukelies’ etc. etc. ….
      Nuclear material generates vast quantities of heat, so how are nuclear weapons kept at the ready, and physically cool and safe ?
      Nuclear proliferation scam.

      Religious extremism terror tactics…… convenient false flag operations for more control over our civil liberties, aided and abetted and probably carried out by agents of our own government departments. Their productions of terror attacks are so badly scripted and acted that it must be embarrassing for the media to report.
      The puppet tweets as his strings are twanged : the crazies are coming out of the mosques, churches, synagogues, temples etc….
      How does he know ? He’s part of the problem.

      Stop lapping up their lies and fear games ; seek what is really important, Your Gnosis.
      Laugh at this world and take nothing seriously. It is Life and Life Only ……. earthly life ; a mere glitch in your Spirit’s ………..

      • Robert Conner says:

        Thanks Kevin. Suddenly I realize everything the “experts” know is wrong! Almost like a come-to-Jesus moment!

        If I were a career advisor I’d tell you there’s a fantastic book in there. All you’d need to do is a personal investigation of the Chernobyl and Fukushima sites proving they were false flags, and then write that puppy up and wait for that thunderstorm of money! It worked for Tim LaHaye.

        • Kevin. says:

          Hi Robert,
          did you actually watch, read and or listen to any of the random suggestions ?
          Here’s another : Building 7 World Trade Centre. There really are numerous examples.
          Have you seen any documentaries about wild life in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, yes/no ? Same with Fukushima. They’re out there if you try looking. Strange how Hiroshima and Nagasaki were repopulated so quickly after being fi… ……, all life returned there within about a month. Those were the days of easy mani….., eh ?
          Were the causes of Chernobyl/Fukushima reactor meltdowns deliberate ? Who knows ? Do I really care ; no.

          As I have written in my first post, I take an interest in world events for my entertainment only.
          Are you afraid to question the experts ? Afraid of what you might find ?
          Does Mickey Mouse live at the bottom of your garden and tell you bedtime stories every night ? Is that where you like to live ? Is that your comfort zone ?

          As I wrote, ” A mix of information some parts acceptable, some not.”
          As I first wrote, ” I am some one who disagrees …. ”
          Your hostility towards me is flattering ; the dam is showing a few cracks.
          Do not concern yourself with my welfare, I have all I need. I am content, thank you anyway.

          Goodbye Robot …… sorry, that should of been Robert, after all you do show the characteristics of being a person ?
          Keyboards at twenty paces ……………………… bang …. arghhhh…., good shot Robert, thank you and farewell.

          Roll on Ragnarok …… lets Burn, Burn, Burn …… Happy Gnosis everyone. You really kill me, .. hahhhaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. Rafi Simonton says:

    Some of us among the rabble can read, write and think. Occasionally from a nuanced understanding of the more factually based aspects of consensus history. Now and then from the insights of a mythologically sensitive point of view.

    To rail against the wrongs of hierarchical western religion is to take potshots at lethargic Christian fish in a very shallow barrel. As a 19 year old political activist, I was sure that religion was the cause of everything I saw as a social injustice. As I learned more about the thousands of years of history and the diversity of people involved, my views became much less of the Aristotelian either/or, true/false and more willing to consider maybe or some yes/some no.

    An analogy is that just because we in the US have elected idiots as President does not mean democracy as a whole is a bad idea. Like democracy, with religion some people are okay with having someone else do it for them. Or with being told what to do. Conservatives value a sense of order and security. For us who look forward to the creative opportunities of change, we want to do it ourselves. Gnosis is an individual pursuit, but we can acknowledge that tradition sometimes gets us to a door.

    Pessimism about humanity is an old Gnostic theme. World weariness, fin-de-siecle attitudes like just after WWI where a truism of European philosophy was that the Enlightenment had died in the trenches. Which meant questioning the assumption that all humanity needed was to learn rationalist materialism (in pop terms left-brained thinking) and everything would be fine. For some ancients, even the most spectacular rainbow or orchid or logarithmically shelled nautilus was simply meaningless spectacle, distraactions from the need to reject everything physical. So in a rather perverse way, the fundamentalists who believe destruction is the way to rapture are far closer to the ultra pessimistic Gnostics than are those of us who see beauty in creation and appreciate the kinder aspects of human nature, even if we can also see the terrible gap between technological knowledge and moral wisdom.

    Proclaiming of the end of humanity is to help make it so. It is to strengthen a powerful dark mythology. And to encourage a helpless pessimism. Doing something might not mean a more positive result, but doing nothing guarantees failure. We might as well assume that what we do makes a difference. In the US, the current darkness in our capitol has galvanized people who might otherwise have remained on the sidelines. On the esoteric side, there is a growing movement, especially among millennials, of identifying as “spiritual, not religious.” In 2013, Ellen Chenoweth gave a TEDx talk (it’s on YouTube) about some stats that came out of her PhD dissertation work. That once a social movement, like non-violent civil resistance, reaches 3.5% of the total population, it will prevail.

  5. Robert Conner says:

    For the record I’ve never suggested that “all humanity needed was to learn rationalist materialism.” However, I have suggested that it’s essential for humanity to reject certain ancient “theories of everything” that are palpably false in most if not all the details. Indeed one of the great tragedies resulting from the triumph of Christianity was the displacement of other theories of everything that were empirically defensible. More here:

  6. Kevin. says:

    An old poem by Jack Taylor to reflect upon ; PETS.

    We keep bugs in boxes and bottles, just to see how they behave.

    And we watch them live their lives out, from the egg to the grave.
    No, we don’t care to make things better in the prison where they are bound,
    And they don’t know that they are prisoners, as they wander all around.

    But if they’d turn their eyes to heaven, they’d see lights away so far.
    They’d never know that what they were seeing, was just a light upon a jar.

    What if we too are prisoners, and are helplessly observed.
    And the probes of some super power have us caged upon the Earth.
    And they don’t care, to make things better in this prison of our birth.
    For they find us of casual interest, and of very little worth.

    And if you turn your eyes to heaven, and see those lights away so far.
    Those lights you see, not the Milky Way. It’s just the label on a jar.

    They watch us crawl upon each other, they watch us live and breed and die.
    We are but toys to teach their children of their universe so wide.
    And they won’t care when we have vanished ; they’ll throw the cage away.
    Replace us with some other object and go along their way.

    And if you turn your eyes to heaven, and see those lights away so far.
    Those lights you see ; they’re not the Milky Way. It’s just the label on the jar.


    So …………… the lights in the Firmament come from ?
    The other side silly …….. hahahaaaaa

  7. Kevin. says:

    Correction to author or poem. It should be : Jack TRAYLOR.

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