An Interview From Beyond the Kenoma with Philip K. Dick and Vance Socci

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3 Responses

  1. Johnnie says:

    God and man belong together, pitted against the projected world……..staggering thesis
    In the vedic creation myth the deva or gods request the assistance of the asura or archons in order to complete the processes, upon completion the asura deny the asura their promised share and so its left to one brave asura to steal the sacred soma or food of the gods, in vedic astrology this creation myth is played out in the myth of the nodes of the moon called rahu and ketu…….these nodes which are called shadow planets are speculated in terms of a hidden spiritual code that can only be accessed by an evolved ketu- ganesha seld awareness……rahu as such in individual chart would symbolise ones own rebellious or revolutionary inclinations…..our liberation as PHD indicated resides in this primordial asuric audacity

  2. Scott Smith says:

    Wow–brilliant stuff and props to Vance for lining up this rare interview. Lots to ponder for serious students of the big questions.

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