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Shows #41-60
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Shows #141-160

Origins of Gnosticism with Birger Pearson
Sophian Gnosticism with Tau Malachi
Gnostic Dualism with Sean Martin
Living Gnosticism with Jordan Stratford
Gnostic Influence on the Middle Ages with Richard Smoley
Gnosis in Action with Todd Settimo
Gnostic Myths in Jung's Theory of Individuation with Robert Lloyd
What Would the Ministry of a Gnostic Jesus Look Like? with Lawrence Caruana
Johannine Gnosticism with Jordan Stratford
The Gnostic View of The Apocalypse with Gary Hudson
Gnosticism & Syncretism with Jesse Folks
New Developments in Gnosticism with Andrew Phillip Smith
Why Do We Suffer, A Gnostic Perspective with Tim Roux
New Revelations & Misconception on The Gospel of Thomas with Robert North
The Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum with Rosamonde Miller
Gnosis Without Dogma with Bob Anderson
Introductory Series-- Exiting The Matrix Parts 1-8, with Timothy Freke, Robert Price, Stephan Hoeller, Margaret Starbird, Stevan Davies, Acharya S., and Tom Ragland.

The Gospel of Thomas Part 1 with Jeremy Puma
The Gospel of Thomas Part 2 with David Capps
The Gospel of Judas with Marvin Meyer
The Gospel of Judas Part 2 with April De Conick
The Gospel of Judas  Part 3 (and New Revelations on Sethianism) with April De Conick
The Gospel of Mary with Karen King
The Gospel of Phillip with Andrew Phillip Smith
The Gospel of John with April De Conick
The Hymn of the Pearl & Exegisis of the Soul with Andrew Phillip Smith
The Secret Book of John  with Stevan Davies
The Gnostic Gospel of Mark with John Killinger
The Pistis Sophia with Paul Tice
The Lost Sayings of Jesus with Andrew Phillip Smith

Mary Magdalene Part 1 with Margaret Starbird
Mary Magdalene Part 2 with Jane Schaberg
All About Sophia with Jordan Stratford
The Secret History of Mary Magdalene with James Gardner
Sophia & Mary Magdalene: Two Goddesses with Ki Longfellow
The Serpent & The Goddess with Philip Gardiner
Sophia is Gaia with John Lamb Lash
The Myth of Lilith with Kelley Hunter

The Sethians with John Turner
The Valentinians with Einar Thomassen
The Manichaeans with Jason Beduhn
The Cathars Part 1 with Sean Martin
The Cathars Part 2 with Judith Mann
The Sufis with David Fideler
The Hermetics with Aaron Leitch
The Hermetics Part 2 with Jesse Christopher
The Madaeans with Nathaniel Deutsch
The Rosicrucians with Tobias Churton
The Freemasons with Robert Lomas
Egyptian Freemasonry with Allen Greenfield
Esoteric Secrets of the Founding Fathers with Robert Hieronimus
The Medieval Mystics with Phil Gardiner
The Gnostic Knights Templar with Mark Pinkham
The Historical Knights Templar with Karen Ralls
Mystery Religions with Acharya S.
Secret Brotherhoods Throughout History with Phil Gardiner
The Secret History of the World with Mark Booth
Occult Conspiracy Theories with R. Douglas Weber
Occult Conspiracy Theories Part 2 with James Rollins
The Marriage of Occult & Politics Throughout History with Gary Lachman

Gnostics Movies Part 1 with Jake Horsley
Gnostic Movies Part 2 with Eric Wilson
Gnostic Movies Part 3 with Jason Horsley
Gnosis & The Survial of 21st Century Man with Paul Tice
The Prisoner & Gnostic Television with Valarie Ziegler
The Gospel of The Second Coming with Timothy Freke
Gnosis in Music with Brian Joseph
The Return of the Inquisition with Arthur Versulis
The Gnostic Magazine, Issue 1 with Andrew Phillip Smith
The Gnostic Magazine, Issue 2 & A Dictionary of Gnosticism with Andrew Phillip Smith
The Gnostic James Bond with Phil Gardiner
The Spiritual Sun of John Lennon with Gary Tillery
The Corruption of Gnosticism by Modern Gnostics with Jeremy Puma
Gnosis: The Last Hope to Bridge Faith & Reason with Jeff Kripal
The Gnosis of Timothy Freke with Timothy Freke

Gematria & Sacred Geometry
with David Fideler
Alchemy with Tobias Churton
Alchemy & Chaos Theory with Robin Robertson
Alchemy & Becoming God with Al Sylvester
The Tarot with Lon Milo Duquette
Mysticism & Gnosis with Dick Richardson
Astrotheology with Andrew Rutajit and Jan Irving
Enochian Magick with Lon Milo Duquette
The Mystery of Love with Richard Smoley

Misquoting Jesus with Bart Ehrman
Was There a Historical Jesus? with Acharya S.
The Fable of the Historical Christ with James Gardner
The Case for the Historical Christ with Jack Kilmon
The Pagan Christ with Tom Harpur
Jesus the Wicked Essene Priest with Marvin Vinning
Caesar's Messiah with Joe Atwill
The Blood Atonement Lie with Lional Parkinson
The Truth of Who Really Killed Jesus with Gary Greenberg
The God-King Descendants of Jesus with Hugh Montgomery
The Evolution of Christ from John the Bapist to Jesus with Jay Raskins
Herod Agrippa: The Real Christ with Stephan Huller
Jesus in India
with Suzanne Olsson

Simon Magus with Robert Price
Philip K. Dick with Jeremy Puma
Philip K. Dick Part 2 with Tessa Dick
Carl Jung with Stephan Hoeller
Paul of Tarsus with Robert Price
William Blake with Eric Wilson
W. B. Yeats with Mina Cho
Faustus with Ramona Fradon
Hypatia of Alexandria with Ki Longfellow



The Dark Side of Christianity with Ken Humphreys
The End of Biblical Studies with Hector Avalos
The Atrocities of Jehovah in The Old Testament with Paul Tice
Corrupt Buddhism & The Jehovah Witness Cult with Nathaniel Merritt
The Truth Behind Bible Apocalypse with Tim Callahan
The Wonderland of Bible Inerrancy with Robert Price
A Magical Mystery Tour of God's Autobiography with CJ Werleman
Debunking Bible Theories with Nathaniel Merritt
Fables, Fabrications & Fumblling of the Old Testament with Gary Greenberg
Dark Secrets of the Bible with Tim Callahan
Debunking Christian Apologetics with Ken Humphreys
Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll in the Bible with Christ Bennett
Abraham's Curse with Bruce Chilton
The Mystery of Consciousness with Richard Smoley
Death & The Otherworlds with Phil Gardiner
Entheogens with Andrew Rutajit and Jan Irving
The Daemon or Higher Self with Anthony Peake
Shamanism & Holy Hallucinogens with Andrew Rutajit
The Power of Mythology with Acharya S.

The Zohar & Divine Feminine in Judaism with Daniel C. Matt
The Kabbalah & The Cosmos with Howard Smith
The Kabbalah & The Cosmos Part 2 with Howard Smith
The Kabbalah & The Cosmos Part 3 with Howard Smith
Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah with Yakov Leib
The Holy Grail & The Kabbalah with Patrice Chaplin

Apollonius of Tyana with Acharya S.
Pythagoras with Charles Kahn
Aleister Crowley with Lon Milo Duquette
Marcion with Robert Price
Mithras & Mithraism with Payam Nabarz
Zen Buddhism with Brad Warner
Philip K. Dick & L. Ron Hubbard with the Viking Youth
Gnosis in A Course In Miracles with Rogier Van Vlissingen
The Corruption of Wicca & Paganism with Keith Nicholson
The Evil New Age Movement with Robert Price
Satanism & The Luciferian Path with Winter Laake
Inner Christianity with Richard Smoley
The Secret Buddhist Sayings of Jesus with Jay Williams
Saving Christianity with Tom Harpur
Atheist Christianity with Jeanette Clancy

The Egyptian Roots of Judaism & Christianity with Ahmed Osman
Polycarp: The Real Founder of the Catholic Church with Stephan Huller
Irenaeus & The Heresy Hunters with Stephan Huller
The Egyptian Influence on Christianity & Gnosticism with Acharya S.

The Gospel According to Acharya S with Acharya S.

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