How the Archons Destroy Your Life

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  1. Thomas says:

    I listened to a Red Ice Radio (red ice creations com) interview in Sweden recent about The Archons with John Lash. The show stated he is one of these many “experts” on the subject and claimed these beings control the , i.e. “grey aliens” and were predecessors of our solar system before humans occupied this planet. The ruler or leader of these Archons (that including Reptilians) was a being known as Jehovah, as stated in Gnostic scriptures. Etc., etc.. & well, you get the point and idea. You can find the interview on YouTube of course. Any care to comment on this?

  2. Nonimaws says:

    A contemporary explanation of the ancient problem – excellent stuff. I am not a sci-fi fan and have never really understood The Matrix and similar modern settings of our spiritual dichotomy, in fact I struggle with understanding the more mature explanations in organised religions however, it is heartening to see the light of something better shimmering in these allegories. Thanks

  3. Virginie R. from France says:

    Hi, I am Virginie, a French passionate reader of your website since I stumbled upon it. Thank you very much for this excellent article, that I already need to read and re-read again! I would like to ask you a question please; as you quoted the Scriptures, do you think we can trust some parts of them, to free ourselves from the “archontic infection” (as J.Lash calls it)? I think the OT is an Egyptian protuberance, and the NT a Flavian project. But reading the Scriptures, I sometimes feel an insight (while I also often think that there is sth deeply wrong with this Apostle, Paul). Kind regards, V.

  4. Cheapaschips says:

    Thanks, a brilliant article to help reinforce our militant natures. Don’t forget how they manipulate us in the between life area in order to make us come back willingly to suffer further and pay the false karmic debt back that they exaggerate and use against us, if it was such a good deal and best for our ongoing Gnosis, why wipe our memories, because if the cows remembered the slaughter houses, they would not go willingly into the slaughter house trucks another time.

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