Yes, the Gnostics Practiced Sex Rituals (get over it)

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  1. Robert Conner says:

    Intensely interesting as always! My own rather modest contribution to the question is posted on here:

    We now have some (minor) input from the Gospel of Judas which I briefly address.

  2. Johnnie says:

    Staggeing how these posts aignevery other week with ones own internal dialogue, I have secreted away somewhere a dream which from memory……forgive this indulgence but it does seem to be on message, of working on blacksmiths forge cooling the iron instruments handed to me by the master smith, hey when magically the iron rod become two coiling serpents sucking on my fingers, a nourishing feed no doubt as they instantly manifest as twin brothers sort of world weary or bored, I am sort of impressed though and ask them who they are even though I am sort of busy, what they say I guess is pertinent I guess to the discussion, ” did you know sid they say two of the apostles were orgasiastic ” this revelation as such seemed odd and irelevent at the time but hey its only a dream but I loved the symbolism of it, all of it actually…….this article really does fill in the blanks thanks MC

  3. Lilith Tamayo says:

    I just started to follow your page, I like how you aproached this subject not falling into any sectarian position and offering an advise I agree with. Keep publishing stiff and peace be on you!

  4. Anton says:

    Glad to have found your wisdom. I never believed that account that the Gnostics ate aborted babies. I think you explained the balance of materialism and Spiritual development very well. As a Gnostic pilot of this human vehicle I do not believe that I have to take the ‘puritan’ route. I see myself as a slightly detached observer of humanity and a creator of my own future and reality. Occasionally dipping in to the human materialistic world and savouring of its various pleasures does not inhibit or influence my original direction. I still work to help people and create and design many healing protocols and remedies, which I mostly give away or sell cheaply. I am kind to others and often get upset at the state of this world and the manipulation and sociopathic cruelty that is inflicted on humanity, but a few of us escape sometimes and thankfully the Internet helps us to find each other and progress in knowledge. Great article, thanks.

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