Is Gnosticism a Reincarnation Religion?

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  1. Johnnie says:

    “You saw Christ, you became Christ. For this person is no longer a Christian but a Christ.
    If someone first acquires the resurrection, he will not die “..The Gospel of Philip—

    Some born again christians challenged this agnostic to pray and hey before one even finishes the thing something supernatural kicks in, nay it wasnt emotional nor was it manipulated, what I did not share nor could explain later that the jesus I prayed to was purely symbolic a feeling or knowing that could never be explained by so called scripture……and yet immediate and life changing as if one just tunned into this higher frequency where everything made sense even though it couod not be explained, * guess this is why I love the gnostic world view in that it speaks to the heart of the great evolving mystery of who we really are

  2. Jangaboo says:

    The Secret book of John basically confirms reincarnation, it talks about a cycle of rebirth, the body dies/we die since we don’t resurrect or join with the spirit while here, then the Arcons (shit head Gods) grab ahold of us and torment us and we have to go through another cycle in this flesh meat body

    ……” I asked the Savior, “Lord, will every soul be saved and enter the pure light?”

    He replied, “You are asking an important question, one it will be impossible to answer for anyone who is not a member of the unmoved race. They are the people upon whom the Spirit of Life will descend and the power will enable them to be saved and to become perfect and worthy of greatness. They expunge evil from themselves and they will care nothing for wickedness, wanting only that which is not corrupt. They will achieve freedom from rage, envy, jealousy, desire, or craving.”

    “The physical body will negatively effect them. They wear it as they look forward to the time when they will meet up with those who will remove it. Those people deserve indestructible eternal life. They endure everything, bearing up under everything that happens so that they can deserve the good and inherit life eternal.”

    Then I asked him, “Lord, what about the souls who didn’t do these things even though the Spirit of Life’s power descended on them?“

    He answered, “If the Spirit descends to people they will be transformed and saved. The power descends on everyone and, without it, no one can even stand up. After they are born, if the Spirit of Life increases in them, power comes to them and their souls are strengthened. Nothing then can leave them astray into wickedness. But if the artificial spirit comes into people, it leads them astray.”

    Then I said, “Lord, when souls come out of the flesh where do they go?”

    He replied, smiling, “If the soul is strong it has more of power than it has of the artificial spirit and so it flees from wickedness. With the assistance of the Incorruptible One that soul is saved and it attains eternal rest.”

    I then asked him, “Lord, what of the souls of the people who do not know whose people they are? Where do they go?”

    He responded, “In those people the artificial spirit has grown strong and they have gone astray. Their souls are burdened, drawn to wickedness, and cast into forgetfulness.”

    “When they come forth from the body, such a soul is given over to the powers created by the rulers, bound in chains, and cast into prison again. Around and around it goes until it manages to become free from forgetfulness through knowledge. And so, eventually, it becomes perfect and is saved.”

    Then I asked, “Lord, how does the soul shrink down so as to be able to enter its mother or a man?

    He was happy that I asked this and said, “You are truly blessed because you have understood. The soul should be guided by another within whom is the Spirit of Life. It will be saved by that means and accordingly will not have to enter a body again.”

  3. Jangaboo says:

    I think the artificial spirit = ego, the idea or image we build about ourselves, its like creating a World of Warcraft character lol, we spend so much time working and creating something that truly doesn’t matter, building up a material edifice

  4. Jangaboo says:

    Joining with the spirit while here, first step looks like we need to purify ourselves, get rid of the things talked about – freedom from rage, envy, jealousy, desire, or craving.”….and grow the “good” aspects…easier said that done. I like listening to Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron describe a practice called Tonglen, it helps move in this direction of putting yourself in the shoes of others and then some empathy begins…i’m nowhere near this stuff, still have so much Yaldabaoth aspects in me of jealousy and envy

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