Is Gnosticism an Anti-Semitic Religion?

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  1. Kevin. says:

    Are Semites anti Gnostic ? Are you so uncertain about your religion that you feel the need to defend it ?
    ” He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past. ”

    Who controls the media and education …… and tells you What and How to think ?
    Usually what the TPTB that tell us plebs is the opposite of what is true ! Yes, eventually knowing the historical truths will wound you to the core, and make you feel stupid that you did not question what you were being spoon fed !
    We are lied to and manipulated ; is that ignorance. Yes/No ? Does it matter to a Gnostic ? No, I’m past caring for this world ; just watching the wheels go round, to borrow a phrase. Live in the present at the centre of Your universe, totally opposite to what Gary Lachman proposes because it’s boring (Miguel’s article : A Gnostic View of Suffering part two ), Your present is the only truth You will know.
    May You be united with Your Twin Spirit in the present.

    Just read an article about a new marriage law in Saudi Arabia designed to keep its Semitic homogeneity in tact.
    Ignorance of what is meant by Semitic may be one of the greatest sins, hahaaaa …. or is it meant to be deliberately misleading ?
    Mr. Voltaire ? ……. ‘ To know who rules over you, find out who you can not criticize ‘…….

    How far should Gnostics involve themselves in everyday affairs ?
    The world will get along just fine, …. within or without you.

    Gnosis does not belong to any one group or geographical area. It will never die out so long as a Spirit is still stuck here in this realm.
    Sometimes I wonder if everybody has a Spirit ……. yearning to be free of this realm.

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