Gnostic Women Leaders & Heroines Part 2

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  1. Kevin. says:

    The battle of the physical sexes rises again.
    Now, would it not be comical, and confusing, if men had only revered goddesses and women revered gods. The surviving scriptures being for the most part written by and for women, but now accepted by both sexes. Thus the arrogant God sows confusion and promotes men to be dominant ; the texts having mostly commanding male figures ?
    Are not the ‘scriptures’ allegory, and to be used as a guide to a realm within, but lacking the vocabulary we anthropomorphize and externalize the ideas further adding to misunderstanding not knowing ‘the code’. e.g. “male” symbolizes the pneumatic and “female” the psychic. (not meaning to promote another site, but Bill Donahue at ‘hidden meanings’ is a good place for some decoding pointers)
    All because women are always right, hahahaaaa. Eve really did dominate Adam.

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