Gnostic Women Leaders & Heroines Part 1

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  1. Kevin. says:

    ” The angel of The Pleroma later instructs Norea that she shall bear many Gnostics who will continue to bring wakefulness to humanity. ”
    Yes, wakefulness is the way. In the practical sense, it is an hypnagogic state where the two realms buffer.
    Blavatsky wrote, ” The more the body is exhausted, the freer is the spiritual man …..” For myself, mostly but not always, spiritual contact is achieved not during meditation, contemplating, chanting, dancing, intoxication, etc. but during rest after those pursuits, and then it occurs unexpectedly. Salvation will be achieved through the efforts of oneself in following the instruction given by your watcher, twin spirit guide. You have to remain wakeful.
    Society tells us what to believe, but usually the opposite is the truth. So, is modern society really biased to be patriarchal or matriarchal ? Are we controlled by desires opposite to ourselves to balance our duality. What appears masculine is really feminine, and what appears literal is mythical ? Do we only see the reflection from the mirror veil ?
    Hopefully all higher ‘powers’ are really androgynous and it is our mortal bias that corrupts them.

  2. Kevin. says:

    Just had another association about exhausting the the body. I like to walk most evenings for about an hour, plus or minus ten minutes. This helps keep me fit and tiredness is apparent only when you stop. Walking ‘meditation/contemplation’ is to be recommended, it is so easy.
    So, in times of old, when people actually walked for days on end to pilgrimage sites ; was the exhausting physical effort and resting periods more spiritually rewarding than the expectations of the sacred destination visited ? It frees the spiritual ‘man’. Just an association.

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