A Gnostic View of Suffering Part 2

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  1. Tarquin Rees says:

    Maybe Diogenes and the Cynics had a proto-Gnostic view of suffering too – except they embraced it and actively sought it out in order to rise above it. They prefigure the whole Jesus as ‘suffering servant’ ideal which later went through Syriac Christianity with their pillar-sitting and privations and into certain Persian Sufi factions too,

  2. Raul says:

    But in what way would tracing iniquity back to its source, or “discovering” a pre-existant ideal realm lead to a practical release of suffering.? How does knowledge of the pleroma really help you? You’re still trapped in the mechanistic universe. Even if you can rise above or evade the manipulations of the Demiurge, you still have the damage that can and will inevitably be done to the frail human flesh. The only way to escape that is through the comforting fog of opiates, and even that leads to the grip of the archons. What about earthquakes, and cancer, and everything else? God it’s Hell in here! How does Gnosticism get us out of this mess? I mean, really.

  3. Kevin. says:

    To get out of suffering you move to the higher consciousness. Know yourself. That ‘Janus step’ .. last is first and first is last. The last step here, will be across the threshold, and be my first step on the other side, or my first step across will also be my last step here ; to confuse those who do not use their ‘ear and eye’.
    Physical suffering is just that, the mind does not feel pain but to preserve the prison cell body it causes it to react. Ever notice that delay to feeling an injury ? Then the reaction, then notice that the injury throbs but not the mind. Forced empathy. Learn to notice that detachment between body and mind. All matter is dead, it is animated by the soul. There is a lag or delay between the two realms and is sometimes experienced as a deja vu. We inhabit a puppet.
    Emotional suffering is empathy. It is just the soul/mind play acting as a ‘Drama Queen’. Next time you ‘lose it’, tell yourself to stop acting out this drama. Have fun, do not take life seriously, be a Gnostic.
    In higher consciousness this earthly realm is forgotten, it is meaningless.
    Now why have I forgotten where I came from ?
    Any chance of articles that do not quote others, but are just Miguel and his experiences ?

  4. Kevin Z says:

    I don’t believe any specific spirit-tech is gonna equate to an eject button. And self-identifying as a Gnostic of any flavor means you “know why” we suffer. So the amateur mewlings of “why did God let this happen?” Can be done away with.

    Take a breath. Feels good being free of that dead-end. I hate governments, the news, lawyers and pop culture as much as the next self-respecting indivialist but despite my hatred for these archonic forces I still like it ‘here’ just fine.
    And I live and work in a medium sized city that is number 1 in arson as has sniffed USA champs in homicide per capita a couple of times for a meat and potatoes modern dystopia.

    Despite this. I like it ‘here’ and Here. Perhaps it’s about finding fulfillment with the journey. Instead of trying to hit the escape pods, try to bring some of the Sophia shards and fractals down to heal the place around you. Improve the homestead. Grow things. Urban farm. Find joy in your children. Raising them to be as ‘free’ from the Matrix trappings as possible. Get the fuck off of Facebook and ditch cable.
    Write, play music, fight, create.
    Eat lots of entheogens and LEARN about what you see.

    To quote Every Time I Die: “This is Hell, and you brought a candle to burn?!?!”

    Might as well pick your favorite scent and get on with it. Find fulfillment and the rest can fuck off.

  5. Pauz says:

    Kevin Z…is on it! I as such am not. Getting old(er) is not my cup of tea. It is just too bitter and brutal up in my psyche’s brain-pan so far. However, I’m not giving up on the show as there is real magic to encounter and absorb thank God!

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