The Gnostic Robert Frost

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  1. Rafi Simonton says:

    As I commented on Graham Hancock’s site, you are doing masterful work as a Gnostic apostle, assembling the varied sources of Good News for us PoMo seekers. Voices as contradictory and murky as those ancient texts. Wrestling with the roiling ambiguity is a great means to flesh out our own interpretations.

    I, too, see implications in Frost’s words. “I sat me against a tree.” Sure seems akin to the Tree of kabbalah. Would fit with Bloom’s account of Frost’s inability to find in this world either mercy or justice, which are the right and left side pillars of kabbalah. IMHO, the pillar of justice, aka severity, should be considered left side, which ties into the divisions of the human brain. It judges each thing as either good or bad, and functions as deterministic action/reaction. It’s that harsh law-giving Blake would not accept and Frost’s “I will not have it systematic.” Which also alludes to the discipline called systematic theology. On the other side, what Hoeller was getting at by describing the artist as half-Gnostic. But here there is no reaction, no response at all. The unity of the mystic, the characteristic of “isness.” Delightful maybe, but also where nothing changes.

    Bloom’s “should be broken” is not about smashing everything into a gray homogeneity. It’s to break symmetry; like the mechanism of unbalance which allowed the universe to come into being. As Blake said of the tyger, who framed thy fearful symmetry? And the Gnostic asks: who breaks it? If Copenhaganism is correct about quantum physics, an observer is not simply a passive recipient of immutable physical laws, but an active agent. The third aspect is consciousness, gnosis, the middle pillar of kabbalah. Doing, being, knowing. A participatory knowing.

    Perhaps, then, the demiurge of this world is a form of collective unconsciousness. We don’t take responsibility because we don’t know or don’t want to know. Thus social systems lurch along driven by our worst instincts, those we keep hidden or blame on others. Yes, artistry is the province of a true creator, but I wouldn’t denigrate the technician or artisan. I am myself an artist, but I was a mechanic who worked with ship engines for many years. As many of us have experienced, even supposedly equally manufactured engines show idiosyncrasies and seem to like some people than others. Plus they seem to respond to individual attention. What if we were to respect journey level skill and handiness and differentiate these from mere craftiness and manipulation? Could help to heal class prejudice.

    It would also serve as a reminder that knowledge, in the sense of knowing facts, or even of gnosis as contact with the transcendent, is surely not the same as wisdom. Paul warned in his discourse on love that gnosis puffeth up. Not that its pursuit is not a precious pearl, but rather that it needs to be tempered by experience and in service to love. Consider that Wisdom, too, may have her problems– the Sethian Sophia was said to have given birth to the demiurge Ialdaboath. Maybe wisdom is not enough; it is not the entirety of divinity as is the sephirah of Kether. Or maybe there is some relationship between physical creativity, the realm where we work, and divine Wisdom that we don’t yet fully understand.

  2. Anarcissie says:

    I was quite astonished to learn that behind the square-block-of-faux-wood Robert Frost there lay a hidden Gnostic. I shall have to look into this guy carefully.

  3. Kevin. says:

    The above Artistic Article.
    A Gnostic laughs at : ” the monkey on his back ; because, a Gnostic knows it’s there ”

    Miguel is just a very naughty boy ! Still showing his Catholic roots ?
    The real article is for you to read the short story : ” The Cask of Amontillado ” by E. A. Poe.
    The story is set during carnival time, and now is the middle of Lent, which is preceded by carnival.
    So, just for a bit of fun.
    Beware of vegetarian Miguel Montresor bearing his carnival keyboard trowel !
    He’ll wall you in as you grow comfortably numb reading his articles and just like Fortunato you’ll die laughing ! hahhahaaaaa …………..

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