The Four Categories of Gnostic Religious Rites

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  1. Sahansdal says:

    The modern mystics of India have these teachings in a form that has transcended the Ages. The 1) Quickening is the initiation into the Five Shabds, or inner Sounds 2) the Catharsis is Seva, or Service, 3) the “Maturation” is two and half HOURS of daily meditation – which is not for everyone, obviously, and 4) “divorcing the body and venturing into the transcendent realms” is the final transformative step, one that Jesus attains right off the bat when asked “Where did you go and what did you do?” by disciples in Gospel of Judas, that all scholars seem to miss when they say (erroneously) that Jesus needed to be “released from his body by Judas” in the Gospel of Judas. Judas is the sacrifice, and a stand-in for James the Just, the mystic Master of the first half of the first century. He attains Gnosis at the climax, sacrificing HIMSELF.

  2. Kevin. says:

    This is my opinion, and mine only ; yes Me.
    Get the picture ? ….. yes, we get the picture. hhaaahhaha ….

    ” Integration with Your transcendent root ” ……. no thank you.

    I am existing to Separate, to Know Myself and to Mature ; not to ultimately deny myself and self destruct.
    Back to me again. Yawn, yawn …… yawn …
    Gnosis is selfish and egoistic.
    Know Yourself : you are unable to help others on a spiritual level. Only another spirit (guide) can do that.
    Earthly ceremonies are for the soul, not the Spirit.
    You’re here to stay ” the alien ” and not to become ” a son of the house ” ; terms that H. Jonas once wrote (Mandaean)
    The suggested stage 4 integration is not for me thanks.

    Staying an individual is what Gnosis will show you ; selfish and egoistic. That is what distinguishes it from all other practices for Me.
    Is it psychotic in accepted society ?
    Yes it is ; and I, probably, would be classified as psychotic.
    So, to make it acceptable let’s introduce : ” integration ” the, ” love is all, all is one crap ” ; so that you ineluctably conform to the ” norm “.
    Resistance is futile ; you will be assimilated !

    Perhaps, I just haven’t matured enough, or just fallen short and gone fetid ! hahahaaa ……………..

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