Do Gnostics Believe in Charity and Good Works?

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2 Responses

  1. Johnnie says:

    Hey Miguel having a ball sending on these gnostic extracts to my born again christian friends, I love that these divinely inspired thoughts and ideas have their source in mans own spiritual aspiration and are never to be taken as certified gospel but as the fruit of ones relationship with that inner divine which is ever maturing with us to some luminous awareness of the great mystery

  2. Kevin. says:

    You encounter someone in a state of financial need ; begging on the street for example. What do you do ?
    Give a dollar their way, and feel good about your self ?
    Aren’t you only prolonging their suffering by giving in dribs and drabs ?
    Nothing is going to change that way ?
    Why not be truly charitable and give say a thousand dollars, or two, or more, and really give that person a pull up out of the sewer ?
    To prolong their suffering by charitable drip feed, or one big super, potential life style changing handout ?
    So how compassionate are we really ?
    Christian guilt trips and Gnosticism ; do they belong together ?
    The love for “this world” or the love for the “other world” ?
    The levels of your involvement in each realm is chosen by ………….

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