The Difference Between a Gnostic and a Christian

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8 Responses

  1. Joseph Morneault says:

    Really good article! It helps for when I explain to friends who keep asking me why I follow a Gnostic path and what is the difference…

  2. Lauris Olups says:

    Thanks, I remember interview with Nate well, his view of the world struck a chord with me too!
    Thanks for the book also, is there an ebook version (mobi, epub) perhaps available?

  3. mathewzell says:

    Yes, a christian believes in a historical figure of jesus/yeshua first and foremost , while a” Gnostic” minded individual who questions everything has other things to worry about….
    Am looking foreward to your always wonderful shows and blogs in the new year..Good tidings to you and your kin and all other truthseeker warriors…and have a happy new year

  4. Magda says:

    Thank you so much Miguel! I actually posted a link to that old podcast with Nate very recently (see my post #238 in this thread)
    I suppose you read my post on Skeptiko and decided to pay this tribute to Nate (so, no coincidence there). However, coming across that podcast was indeed synchronistic for me and I’m very grateful to you and Nate for recording it in the first place. I am also very grateful to you for publishing the link to Nate’s book. I am sure I will find lots of useful food for thought in it! Thank you so much for this and for everything else – love your show, you rock!

  5. [Colorbasus] Adrian Cozad says:

    If you make “Gnostic” as that of Cerinthus and “Christian” as that of Marcion them I would say the only substantial difference would be that for the “Gnostic” the Demiurge is the Angel of Jehovah, but for the “Christian” the Demiurge is Jehovah.

  6. Panos Kammenos says:

    There is no self induced deification pal. There is no Christ within. These new age deceptions are actually as old as the snake in Eden promising deification without God.

  7. NotaJWanymore says:

    So I am a Former Jehovah’s Witness turned Buddhist Tantric practitioner. Some recent events in my life has lead me to gnostic thinking. I was actually attacked by The Jehovah’s Witnesses thought form Jehovah, assuming its because I cursed his name when leaving the cult 8 years ago. I had to go to a healer and exorcise it out of me the attack was so strong.
    This post made me happy to see other EXJW’s out there who figured it out. If anyone has any opinions on my experience I would like some insight as I am still not 100% sure as to a worldview with this god in my history.

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