The Counterfeit Spirit and Why You Must Defeat It to Survive Death

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  1. johnnie b says:

    Not everything is as it seems, The psycho drama’s of the ancient mind require no explanation, blessed Counterfeit Spirit thank you for the service you have provide , how would we have ever navigated our way out of this dark dream without your shrill condemnations, in our innocence we assumed that the way of the light was the only truth, how brave those souls then that followed you into the void of unknowing, a walk to nowhere in a land of nought, ever alone and afraid the soul drifts without aim or goal, Mephisto everywhere tries to sow discord and yet love will flower in every negation no matter how harsh the conditions, it is vain presumption to think that love not move unblemished in this dream of nothingness, the only sin that ever was and the only thing that binds us here is the will to be, not everything is as it seems, maybe we owe a debt of gratitude to our Counterfeit Spirit for pointing out the contrasts within Maya’s intricate webs

  2. Sherwin says:

    ITs what people call the ego?

    A made up idea/story about ourselves and others?

  3. Chris Henley says:

    Heh! You had me at tranny John!

  4. Kevin. says:

    The Return of the Unbegotten Virus ? Free will drivel is so messy, hahaaaaa.
    How come the divine spark was so easily overcome in the first place ? A pacifist and out numbered ? sshhhyyy……
    Was it a kiss met at first sight of matter ? Jesus was eventually stuck to the cross because of a kissing session with the material super glue lips Judas. The moral there is to stay away from matter and never kiss the blarney stone or end up like the blarney Irish too busy talking to see where they are going, hhaaaa.
    Is there an internal zodiac not to be confused with the external zodiac ?
    Are we our own gaoler, not weighed down by, but unwilling and afraid to ‘let go’ ; having too much christian guilt pleasures ? Until we finally overdose and vomit the lure of poisonous matter away ? There is always mention of trial or judgement at physical death. Christian notion of sin, bbaaahhh. let them keep it, not for me.
    Constant baptism ; is this to soak up all the sparks of light that dance upon the water, rather like the notion of certain foods containing more divine sparks of light which you will accumulate when consumed, nonsense again. Just a load of melons.
    So, is the counterfeit spirit, the soul ?
    The only one who can forgive you is yourself ; so let go, drop the ‘ christian guilty weights’ and move on. If the counterfeit spirit lets you and after all all that ‘sin’ is its doing not Yours.
    I’m sure, I’ll have more to add to my musings above ; got distracted several times while writing this but still decided to post.

  5. Kevin. says:

    A certain god’s insanity.
    In Eden, god breathes animal-life into Adam ; is this the soul ?
    Sophia smuggles part of her essence into Adam ; is this spirit ?
    Eden is at the top of the stairway to heaven, but we are now, all doing a jig-a-jig, east of eden, to the Irish fiddlers call of the T-virus. Our party time in the hedonistic realm of matter. So is a certain C/S calling the tunes or is it the Sophia spirit implant ?
    All because that nosy Sophia had to interfere ; and we call that wisdom. Or was it the serpent, that got Adam and Eve shoved down the stairs to the land of Nod.

    An animal is : a body soul creature.
    A human : is a body, soul and spirit creature.
    Does the soul have to tolerate the trapped spirit and all its antics ? So, perhaps the spirit content of C/S is truly correct, it is self imposed ?

    Don’t rely on historical writings being your guide ; they are earthly written fantasy and may even hinder and distract you when you do start to experience freedom.
    When you become a Free Spirit, you will have no recollection of your earthly partying ; but to become free, you have to no longer tolerate this existence but start to reject it as a natural consequence of questioning your existence. So that at physical death, you really do part company with the prison and all the garbage you read and write that is fed to you here in this realm. That is why I say, all written material is so much garbage and dust. Nothing here has any value to a spirit.

  6. Kevin. says:

    ‘The Counterfeit Spirit That You Must Defeat’, after you have recognized it ; is Yourself.
    The many I’s, of which Gurjieff spoke of.
    I have come back to my ‘big starting’ point, of some seven plus years ago.
    I read and listened to see if others have had a similar experience. I soon became fooled into blaming an outside entity ; my companion soul, who has no choice but to put up with me. Did the creator God ask that his ‘evil zoo’ be contaminated by ‘Us’ ?
    One should never be where one does not belong.

    The Hitchhikers Guide to Gnosis …….. available on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.
    That’s right folks don’t touch that dial ……..

    Hello Miguel,
    thanks for letting me scribble so freely on : “The Wall” of your library.
    It is a great therapy couch ; for those with a thick hide who don’t mind appearing foolish.
    I’ll unplug my keyboard connection to your library now, and let, “The Wall” become clean again.

  7. Lúthien says:

    Hi Miguel,

    What’s all that with the Irish about?
    And what are packers? What does being a fan of them signify?

    I don’t think I’ll understand this particular article in the foreseeable future even if I would know, but I’ll certainly not make it without some sort of primer to start decoding the multiple layers of inverted meta-irony (this being the most complex one I’ve read so far!)


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