Author: Miguel Conner

Picture of demon before a full moon

How the Archons Destroy Your Life

The first time I met the Archons was playing StarCraft back in the mid-90s. They were a caste of the powerful aliens with Psionic powers known as the Protoss. The next time I met...

Roman centurion bullying Brian in the movie Life of Brian

Is Gnosticism an Anti-Semitic Religion?

According to the Gospel of Philip, ignorance is the greatest of sins, the “Mother of all evil.” When looking at the eroding psyche and spine of western civilization in the 21st century, it’s hard...

Picture of woman reincarnating into a bird and other figures

Is Gnosticism a Reincarnation Religion?

You saw Christ, you became Christ. For this person is no longer a Christian but a Christ. If someone first acquires the resurrection, he will not die. —The Gospel of Philip— Jesus said, “Whoever...

Angelic figure standing before a portal of light and before a pyramid

The Gnostic Cosmos [Infographic]

A main reason I was attracted to Gnosticism was its original, intricate, and potent mythology. It felt like spiritual wasabi to my Daemonic senses. As Erik Davis wrote, Gnosticism had that “an almost sci-fi...

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