Apocalypse of the Alien God: Interview with Dylan Burns

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  1. Hi there,

    I enjoyed listening to the interview with Dylan Burns and thought you might like to know about my translation and commentary on Plotinus’ Ennead II.9. It’s just come out and the link is here:


  2. Sahansdal says:

    Again, It is so simple to parse this out with a reference of modern mysticism: the reason the ‘Apocalypses’ are revelatory and not ‘a destruction’ is that they are NOT an “end” of anything so much as a beginning. Apocalypse is “the end” FOR YOU, not for the world. Masters come to the world at all times and places needed to take the ready up to see within. It is all throughout all mystic literature. See how simple it is? People miss the most important pieces of the puzzle because it is so obvious. Judas sacrifices HIMSELF. He “ends” and Gnosis begins. Look at the Apocalypses of Nag Hammadi and parallels to ‘the Betrayal of Christ by Judas.’ The NHC original is inverted in the canon. They wanted to hide the coming of the new Master, James. Pretty simple, no? http://www.rssb.org and sciencofthesoul.com

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