10 Expert Definitions of Gnosis That Will Lead You to the Mind of God

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  1. Kevin. says:

    A Gnostic dartboard of an article, and most of them claim to be correct ? Chocolate teapots most of them ; writing books about books.
    How many of the above authors have had a “gnostic experience” ? One, two … ? I’ll go for … maybe one ; Richard Smoley.
    You have an experience that is definitely not a dream, and it gets called knowledge ; knowledge of ??? It gets twisted to ‘intuitive knowledge’ to dumb it down, to make it easily accessible. Read to believe, then fake it until you make it. They clothe a very simple experience up in fancy dress to dazzle and blind you into thinking that only intellectual knowledge is needed. They even mix up Soul and Spirit not knowing or even caring about the difference.
    One of my favourite lines I read everyday.
    ” What is this strange enigmatic power that seems so innocent and conceals its separate existence from me by behaving as if it were my own inner self, and make my will choose the opposite of what I decided to do a moment earlier ? ”
    Knowledge or experience ; take you pick. Soulful knowledge or Spiritual experience.
    That was some rant by ‘me’. Keep it simple because it is simple.

    • Vance Socci says:

      There’s no one out there – so it doesn’t matter if they’ve had a true Gnostic Experience or not – look within yourself and to *your* path. Jesus said “judge not” – for in the end we judge ourselves.

      In my experience, all these writers have captured something of the experience – and I am In the Gno …

      But that matters not to you – you can never experience what I have, and vice versa.

      I invite you to look within and see what your feelings about the authors tells you about Your Self …

      p.s. I still like stuff! Sorry Richard lol

      • Kevin. says:

        ” There is no one out there – so it doesn’t ….. ”
        What, not even You, so you don’t matter, and where is ‘there’ please ?
        I would like to be in your dream and you can be in mine ? hahaaa. Oh, by the way, we are not alone. oooowwww.
        If I piece together parts from a number of books to make another book does that make me an Expert on that topic ?
        Will I repeat mistakes of others so that they become accepted fact ?

        ” you can never experience what I have, and vice versa. ”
        Something similar perhaps ? Yes, our perceived experiences will be unique to ourselves, but that matters not me ? haha
        What my inner feelings about the authors, tells me about myself, that I do not blindly follow ; I am independent.

        ” – and I am in the Gno …… &…. p.s. I still like stuff! ” now that is revealingly honest, thank you Vance.

        Stay a rebellious, obnoxious Gnostic everyone.
        You are right from your side, as I am from mine.

  2. Les Metcalf says:

    In fact it is so simple. ..and yet …..when one discovers knowedge….one soon finds out we really know nothing. …fact is. ..we are !

  3. Kevin. says:

    Non academic definition of Gnosis :

    Gnosis is contact with your twin Spirit.

    That is all Gnosis is.
    All that I write is not gnosis, all that we read is not gnosis.
    You have Gnosis, knowledge of the ‘other’ ; that you are not what you perceive yourself to be.
    Is this a secret knowledge ? Well, you have ‘to work’ to find your way to prepare yourself to receive contact. Put your loud breathing serpent into a trance so that the pearl is freer to hear, and roam a little from the knowledge of the heart, so to speak.
    ‘Secret knowledge’ … twaddle ! People of this realm twist and misrepresent the simple, why ? Join our exclusive fraternity, if we let you haha, and become an initiate, and learn the secret knowledge garbage. ‘Get on’ in this world through the brotherhood …… No, you will stay trapped in this realm ; it’s a marketing ploy to ensnare you. Hey, but it’s fashionable, see the size of my hat ……………. perhaps it may prepare a few who see through the earthly trappings to then disregard them ? See,all we write and read is ultimately so much garbage.

    Gnosis is eternal.

  4. Kevin. says:

    Fressshhhh Ghaarbage.
    Uno, Dos, start your exodos.
    The world is a can for your fresh garbage …….. Look beneath your lid …….Know Yourself, and by the way, Always chew your food thoroughly.
    The final departure scene from this tragedy (exodos) ; after meditation, contemplation from this body prison called Egypt, and the plagues that the body soul will try to stop you leaving with are ignored and overcome, You make it to the buffer zone of the red sea …… you become freer, and may in the near future encounter ….. Abraxas.
    Abraxas, that strange mythical image of a head and serpent with a split tail. So what May Abraxas represent ?
    You are now freer than before, and strange things, new to You, are now experienced.
    The breath of exhalation takes centre stage ; in many ways and guises.
    In the coming months and years even, a series of experiences befall you. You become your breathing. You experience the breath of bones. You experience the snorting ‘night mare horse’, and chest sitting demon, and perhaps you may after free falling through the void abyss, come to rest, nestled against your loud breathing serpent ; Your Abraxas.
    At either end of the serpent windpipe you find a head, and two bronchial tubes, or a split tail ; to the two lungs.
    We each have our own assigned Abraxas ; so, maybe, if you so want to be a physical part of the body, then imagine yourself as, Iam and Iam Abraxas, as MIguel introduces himself as.
    Me, and only me, because I am me, does not want to become Abraxas, that terrible god of Breath.
    Hope you enjoyed my Fresh Garbage ….. Spirit ….. hahahaaaaaa ; please tell me when to stop if you find my humour not to your taste.

  5. Kevin. says:

    Abraxas ; My own, my very own, god of terrible Breath. Sorry, I do don’t use mouth wash.
    There is the breath of inhalation, clinging to earthly matters.
    There is the breath of exhalation, letting go of earthly matters.
    Abraxas is that god of duality, the breathing, based meditation that is based in this realm. Subtle, in that it gets you to identify with the Kenoma. When you realize that, you realize that it must be discarded as an empty vessel on the way to Gnosis, and maybe the mind of a god.
    Bit more fun now.
    Gnostics do not have images, pendants, amulets, fancy dress robes, …… churches …. or temples. Well, …. they do have temporal bones where the temple merchants and money changers do battle with the temporal knights during the day, and then the left brain temporal knights do battle with the right brain temporal knights during the night. Ah, those wretched temporal knights, is there no respite from them ? Well, yes there is, hurrah.
    Question : where do you think You are located in the body ?
    In the skull ? Perhaps, maybe somewhere between the collar bones and the solar plexus ?
    If, you find You are shifted to the chest region, then the head and neck appear as a periscope of sensory organs and those wretched temporal knights are left behind to fight among themselves. hahaaaa ….
    Is nothing sacred ? bleedin’ temple knights !
    Gnosis may even be : knowledge of the heart ?
    More garbage from my sewers.

    • Vsocci says:

      Where is the body located in the mind? 😉

      Kevin, love your self-annihilating rants! (Not judging you here, just applying your words=garbage concept. Which, in the end, I have to agree with!) Your posts remind me of the proof of Godel’s incompletness theory, where you take the machine that halts if its presented with a machine that never halts, and run that machine on itself. Words are just symbolic of finite thought; finite thought is logic; and any logical system, without openness to a larger system, is incomplete.

      If you think words are bad, try watching a great play such as Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” where the actors have to say their lines in Morse code . . .

      • Kevin. says:

        Hello Vance, sorry for the delay, only found your reply question suggestions two days ago. Eventually, I decided to reply ; trying to cut back on my comments and become more of ‘the watcher observer’.

        You ask : ” Where is the body located, in the mind ? ”
        No, the body is in the physical realm ; which is one of many overlaid dimensions that we inhabit simultaneously. We exist in more than one dimension. Yes, yes, yes, we got one nurse ! Quick, where’s the straight jacket !
        When you reach the bottom of the logical, existential abyss, a strange thing happens ; You separate. You, Wake up. You become an individual, You temporarily Know Yourself. Well, half of yourself anyway, and will go on unexpectedly having that experience again and again. I’m not one of those who propose : that we are all one and will return to being one great big agglomeration. (Your other half of spirit wakes you up, and gives advice which is a one way conversation sentence, which after a pause is repeated. It is so different from anything that you have EVER experienced. There is more to it than that, but I’ll stop there.)

        Further to this I will add a comment asking, which mind are you referring to ? The body is occupied by two minds ; the soul mind and the spirit mind ; both are independent of each other yet symbiotic. Which one is the real prisoner ?

        I’m not familiar with Godel’s incompleteness theory and your example serves what purpose ? Incompleteness ? Which machine am I likened to or not ? Incompleteness due to words being finite, logical thought without openness to a larger system ….. which I suggest is also incomplete because that larger system is not open to an even larger system ….. ad infinitum to absurdity ? The Kenoma and all it contains is just so much garbage, so why identify with it ? When you identify with it you have empathy for it and you will never be free. Words are spells to keep us here. In the beginning there was the word and the was …….. your bondage, hahaaa.

        Bit of fun again ; the Big Bang Theory.
        Matter is finite and thus has a boundary.
        Nothingness is infinite and thus has no boundary.
        So, what is on the other side of the material boundary ?
        So, is all matter contained in nothingness ; Yes/No ?
        So, out of nothing the material universe came into existence ?

        Writing the above was a fun waste of time towards my physical death and freedom. I hope you enjoy reading my garbage reply Vance and as I say : You are right from your side as I am right from mine.

        I enjoy reading all the comments posted on Aeon Byte : so to all those who visit this site : please leave a comment even if it goes off topic like I always seem to do. Get rid of that cabbage on top of your neck ; be a loud mouthed, brave, carefree gnostic ………….. hahaaaa.

  6. Lúthien says:

    “Gnostics do not have images, pendants, amulets, fancy dress robes (…)”

    I’m afraid Stephan Hoeller does have some pretty fancy dress robes even though he’s a gnostic 😉

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