Latest Episode: Near Death Experiences

Near Death ExperienceWe take a dual approach in understanding the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences. On one hand, we study the sober science behind those who have returned from clinical death. On the other hand, one of our guests relates a personal journey from the hardnosed CEO of a multimillion dollar company to a born-again mystic—all after a near death experience that revealed the secrets of the cosmos. In between, we find ancient Gnostic philosophy that can lead us back to our Daemon or Higher Self. This part of our Schrodinger’s Diary series, where we study alternative science and the mysteries of consciousness.

Astral Guest— and Bill Murtha, author of Dying for a Change and Anthony Peake, author of The Out-of-Body Experience: The History and Science of Astral Travel.

Uploaded August 18, The Year of Our Demiurge 2016.

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Near Death Experiences

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