Latest Episode: Gnosticism As A Viable Political Movement


Modern politics has become paralyzed in a world of harsh polarities and mirror-maze media. Western Culture is in crisis as well, seemingly out of fresh ideas; and there seems to be no solutions except more intolerance and more violence. This didn’t happen overnight. Humanity has been gradually fragmenting and losing touch with its innovative spirit for centuries, the main causes the oppression and suppression of extreme ideologies. A book proposes that perhaps it is time to seek answers in some of the vilified philosophies and movements of antiquity that, when allowed to flourish, have indeed created benign egalitarian cultures in the past. These are the heretical Gnostic and Neoplatonic traditions. If tapped into correctly, both mystic schools of thought can perhaps finally heal the political and cultural arenas of our postmodern era before humanity is plunged into yet another Dark Ages.

Astral Guest—Arthur Versluis, author of The Mystical State: Politics, Gnosis, and Emergent Cultures, as well as Chair of the Department of Religious Studies and Professor in the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University.

Uploaded October 19, The Year of Our Demiurge 2016.

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Gnosticism As A Viable Political Movement

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