Latest Episode: Jesus Christ is Simon Magus


Beneath the Orthodox narratives lies the true identity of Jesus Christ. In reality, he was a Samaritan magician who brought a mystical dispensation that made humans divine on earth. His name was Simon Magus. This revelation is supported by the Gnostic texts that also expose the arcane rituals of a movement possibly originating with John the Baptist—and as well supported by historical records such as the writings of Josephus and others. We mine the New Testament, Nag Hammadi library and edited history to find the life and fate of a spiritual Messiah. And why Simon’s message was so radical the Jews, Christians and Romans of his time had to censor and instead give the world a sanitized savior for crowd control.

Astral Guest—John Munter, author of The Samaritan Jesusother-voices-of-gnosticism

Uploaded December 2, The Year of Our Demiurge 2016.

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Jesus Christ is Simon Magus

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