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Latest Episode: Mythos & Cosmos

Mythos and CosmosThe study of mythology has been stranded in three faulty paradigms for generations:

  • The ancients were savage savages with rare access to good ideas (Darwin Paradigm)
  • The ancients were noble savages with open access to the archetypal/spiritual dimensions (Campbell Paradigm)
  • The ancients were neutral savages with access to alien technology (UFO Paradigm)

A bold new paradigm reexamines ancient myths through the template of oral thinking and oral cosmology—ultimately offering a clearer and more awe-inspiring understanding of ancient civilizations. We explore this paradigm, as well gain novel, thought-provoking insights into such enigmatic notions as the Flood Myth, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Archeology, Egyptian mysticism, the origins of the Gnostics and much more.

Astral Guest—John Lundwall, author of Mythos and Cosmos: Mind and Meaning in the Oral Age.

Uploaded June 23, The Year of Our Demiurge 2016.

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Mythos & Cosmos

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