Latest Episode: Dualism, Syncretism, Mysticism & Other Gnostic Theologies

Throughout history the Gnostics were accused of being dualists: those who saw the universe and mankind itself split between light and darkness, body and spirit. Were their enemies right, or did Gnosticism, as usual, buck any theological trend that adds to their uniqueness? We explore Gnostic Dualism through time and belief, adding yet to the enigma that is the Gnostic worldview. We also delve into other Gnostic theologies such as syncretism, mysticism, and more, and how they manifested across history — from the Valentinians to William Blake, from the Sethians to the Sufis — all to gain a comprehensive understanding of this forbidden faith and its dangerous spiritual tech known as Gnosis. And how it can help us today in this reality that is one big Fake News.

Astral Guest — Sean Martin, author of The Gnostics: The First Christian Hereticsother-voices-of-gnosticism

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